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The renewable energy sector is expanding rapidly. Brevit srl has created a division which provides all fastener materials for the realization of photovoltaic systems, from hammer screws to plates and blanks.


Brevit srl
Market leader in the fasteners scene since 1985 has patented anti-theft screws brelock for photovoltaic panels
patent dm/001888538



It is an efficient solution for solar panels, makes the unscrewing with standard wrenches or generic tools difficult. The supplied wrench allows to perform regular maintenance


Example of Brelock screw shape 1 version a m8x40 8.8 hot-dip galvanized. M6 and M10 diameters can be realized on request: the size of the head will be maintained.


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The Anti-Theft Solution

The PATENTED shapes of BRELOCK screws make the unscrewing with standard wrenches or generic tools difficult, without making use of the supplied wrench. This way, BRELOCK screws provide a higher protection than standard fasteners. Our wrenches are equipped with a screwdriver bit which makes them quick and easy to use.




With BRELOCK screws it is possible, unlike those antitheft systems which imply the removal of the screw head, to perform regular maintenance and replacement of the panels during the whole life of the system. With the provided wrenches it is possible to remove and reuse the same BRELOCK screw.


Insurance Premium reduction
Brevit srl has drawn up an agreement with a primary insurance company, which grants a reduction of the theft insurance premium if the PV system is installed with BRELOCK screws.


Incentive for Made In Italy

BRELOCK screws are totally MADE IN ITALY and BREVIT SRL issues a regular certificate of origin for them. This is an element of primary importance because the fourth “Conto Energia” provides a 10% increase in the incentive for the plants whose cost of investment, excluding labour, is composed at 60% or more by components manufactured within the European Union.


BRELOCK screws can be realized, according to customer needs, in:

- Hardened and tempered steel c23b class 8.8 with 50 micron hot-dip galvanization.

- Hardened and tempered steel c35b class 10.9 with 50 micron hot-dip galvanization.

- Stainless steel 304 - stainless steel 430



The most common diameter for this kind of article is M8, however, according to the customer, we are able to manufacture M6 and M10 diameters maintaining the same size of the head M8. In this case, a batch of at least 50.000 pieces is needed.



Our range of BRELOCK SCREWS includes the following two versions:

Open - designed for small and medium PV installers who need small quantities, up to 100.000 pieces. In this version the screw-wrench pair is realized with the shapes 1, 2 or 3 according to the customer need.

Smart – the shapes of BRELOCK screws and wrenches can be varied in order to create EXCLUSIVE designs, WITH A SERIAL NUMBER, and assigned EXCLUSIVELY to one customer. This version requires batches of more than 100.000 pieces.

Brevit srl will record in a REGISTER the serial numbers and the installers who are the unique owners of the customized design.


Superior Protection Against Corrosion

Brevit srl boasts a wide range of surface treatments which confer to the products colour and resistance to weathering: hot-dip galvanization protects effectively iron and steel from corrosion, therefore it is particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Brevit srl applies a coating with an average thickness of 50 microns. *PLEASE NOTE: with this surface treatment a nut with HIGHER thread is required in order to realize a correct coupling screw-nut. The rate of corrosion of the hot-dip galvanization is approximately 1 micron a year.


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