Assembled Parts Section

After a 25-year-old experience
in the industrial sector,
we have decided to realize
an internal workshop (1000 sm)
for the production of assembled fastener kits
with two automatic line systems
that guarantee a quick realization
and 100%quality conformity.


We guarantee a  swift and
high quality  service.


Slash your transport and assembly costs using packaged fastener kits: in this way it is possible to reduce space and to outsource the assembly phase to the end-user.


  A service to support industries



  • Personalized labels with bar code.
  • Up to 8 components in subcontracting too.
  • Thanks to automatic and electronic equipments we offer a quick and quality service. 
  • È possibile realizzare sacchetti in polietilene di vari formati con stampe personalizzate.

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