chisiamo-bullet General Sales Conditions

  • Transportation of the goods is always at the expense and total risk of the buyer, regardless of the methods chosen either for transportation or for payment.

  • Any claims for goods not corresponding to what is specified in our order confirmation must be sent in writing. The obligation on the part of our company is limited to the replacement of the goods recognised as non-corresponding, at the same place as for the original delivery, following return of the same and excluding any right on the part of the buyer to request termination of the contact or reimbursement of damages and refunding of expenses of any kind sustained.

  • Strikes or difficulty in obtaining raw materials must be considered circumstances beyond our control and the company reserves to itself the right of indefinitely postponing deliveries or annulling contracts, without any indemnity resulting therefrom.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, for accounting purposes, the payment must be effected strictly net without discount or other deductions.

  • The products will remain the property of the seller until total payment of the price by the customer. If the customer fails to comply with the terms of payment, BREVIT SRL reserves the right to charge interest under the late payment legislation.

  • Any complaint concerning the due date shown on the invoice must be submitted in writing within 8 days. Interest shall automatically be charged, with no notice necessary, on payments made later than the established dates, and shall be at the rate set forth in the EURO area, increased by 5%. Default of payment within the agreed terms and time authorises BREVIT SRL to stop further deliveries and cancel all or part of the order(s).

  • The only competent court for all disputes is Monza.

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